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8 Quick Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website

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Do you like a bumpy, bouncy ride until and unless it is solely dedicated to satisfying that purpose? (Not following up here? Give it a try again by projecting yourself back to your childhood days! Don’t worry; it’s not an article about motivation and the need to try again and again and, how one should never give up, instead, you can just give up here as ultimately you’ll get to the conclusion that I was trying to talk about kids bounce house only!)

“Ugh. How can you waste my precious time by telling me those childish things that only kids have to know about? Don’t you already know that I’m here to learn about bounce rate only and certainly not the gibberish that you think is important to know”?

Well, if that’s the case then I bet you would be more offended than ever when I share my next piece of example with you! So, the people who’re obsessed with trying to find reason in everything that they listen or hear, I hate to break it to you this way but, there is no point in living when eventually, you’re so gonna die (period)

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So, what are you going to do with all the informative interactions about the things that you had with people of this world? Or why am I even putting all this in words? Or why even this website is allowing me to write such articles?

See, if you go into ifs and buts about everything, then, it can harm a lot of people without bringing substantial returns. So, let’s stick to “life” and carry the meaningless of it to our graves, just like the following example!

Garry installs Bounce tales, and he starts playing it with dedication! But, he is unable to complete certain chapters, why? Because he is not getting enough bounce to pass that hurdle but, here the hurdle starts from several feets above ground and lasts till the oblivion, so, how can you get through that? Simply, by being humble! (Tough task I know, but it’s the only way to the other side)

So, the next time we make changes to your website to improve bounce rate, we’re just trying to cut down on the “fun”.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s start discussing some technical points about bounce rate, shall we?

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What Causes a Bounce
  1. Clicking on a link to page on a different website.
  2. Clicking on the back button or closing the tab to leave your site.
  3. Typing a new URL.
  4. Session timeout (a page is opened for y minutes without any activity) (Having an audio or video playing for more than y minutes is also considered as a session timeout and eventually, a bounce)
The Conclusion
  1. Improve your storytelling, thus, enhancing the credibility of your brand.
  2. Start targeting high-quality keywords and look for the ways to improve the performance of keywords that are not bringing enough traffic to your site.
  3. Build a clear navigation of your site and design compelling CTAs for your site on the sidebar (or somewhere where they look less annoying and more clickable
  4. Make sure to post fresh content on your website blog as it will generate faith for your brand in your visitor’s mindset. If you don’t have an already operational blog, then start planning for it.

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